There are many ways to light up a warm summer night. You can use simple porch lights, lanterns, or you can branch out to more exotic options – like tiki torches.

Tiki torches add a great, tropical feel to any spot, and they also serve as decorative pieces for when you’re out in your backyard alone.

That blend of form and function is why they are so popular, and why so many people use them for gatherings in their backyard.


The 3 Tiki Torch Types

There are many tiki torch styles out there, but all of them fall into three larger categories: oil, gas, and solar. Those types refer to fuel sources and show how each one burns.

Looking at those individual styles will give you a grasp of which one best fits your yard.


Oil Torches

There are several types of oil torches. They can be kerosene, paraffin, or citronella.

Paraffin burns the cleanest, which makes it a good option for people who want a low amount of pollution in their yard.

Though kerosene burns bright, it does create more smoke than other options. Great for anyone who only cares about light.

The final type of tiki torch oil, citronella, works to keep insects at bay. These are one of the most popular oil torches because summer inevitably brings mosquitos and other annoying pests with it. Rather than worrying about biting bugs at your gathering, you can use these for some extra piece of mind.

If you choose this style over kerosene or paraffin, it is best to set them up 15 feet away from each other. That will give you the best coverage.


Gas Torches

Gas torches are more expensive than oil. However, they come with numerous benefits that other styles don’t offer.

One of the biggest is that gas-fueled torches require very little maintenance and burn extremely bright compared to other types. In addition, they also allow you to control how much flame you want for any given situation.

If you use multiple gas torches, they can all be set to the same flame for even lighting, or to different specifications.

Though there is a bit of set up, everything is easy once you get past that process. Just be aware that, as gas lines are near permanent, they cannot be easily moved once they’re set.

Know where you want them before you install.


Solar Torches

The final tiki torch type, solar torches, are good for the environment and incredibly safe. That makes them wonderful for families. As there are no open flames, solar torches are fine to have on around both children and pets.

Most models come with rechargeable batteries. Simply leave them in the sun for 4 to 5 hours and you should have more than enough energy to last you throughout the night. Certain models can also be programmed to switch on at dusk.


A Mix of Style and Function

After figuring out the type of tiki torch you want, you next need to choose the material. This is a wide subject because it refers to both the actual look as well as the general style.

For instance, you can go with bamboo tiki torches for a more traditional appearance, but you can also branch out to metal or wooden ones depending on what best fits your yard. Some are also small and made specifically to sit on a table.

If you desire, you can also get DIY tiki torches and make them at home. The choice is completely yours.


Choosing the Right Amount of Torches

The final aspect to consider when looking for tiki torches is how many you need. Though some can be easily moved around, others are much more stationary.

The general rule is to place your torches roughly 15 feet apart for maximum light coverage. However, that spacing will differ based on both the outdoor area as well as the amount of room available.

For instance, if you want to illuminate a path you can put them in twos down the entire way or you can stagger them to create a unique design. They can also be spread out around ponds, lawns, or seating areas.

Whatever you decide, make sure that your torches are never too close. That tends to centralize the light, leaving dark areas, and does not look appealing. Also, keep gas or oil torches away from plants or anything else they might be able to burn.


Tropical Flames for any Home

Tiki torches are wonderful ways to bring a bit of extra flair to your yard, and they also spice up parties or other such gatherings.

You have many options to pick from, but as long as you know your choices and pick a style that suits your home or event, you can’t go wrong.

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