What’s your favorite season?

Each season offers different characteristics that it brings to the table each year. While each season is just as important, some have bigger advantages than others.

Spring is the season where the world comes back to life. After a long winter, spring is a welcome relief to many plants and animals. Spring is when new life is born, seedlings turn into flowers and many animals come out of hibernation.

There are a plethora of spring flowers that are known for their beautiful and unique characteristics. Each one is entirely different and liked for its own reasons.  

Let’s take a look at eight individual spring flowers and the characteristics that make them unique to themselves and the season they boom in.

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This spring beauty begins its bloom before a lot of other spring flowers and continues to bloom for quite some time.

The Hellebore is also known as the Lenten rose. It's known for its exotic single or double flowers that can be found in an extensive variety of colors. The stamen and rest of the interior are often contrasting with the color.

The Hellebore can begin to bloom even before the last snow of winter begins to melt. Its bloom will continue for at least two months, often even longer than this.

When the Hellebore is found in mild climates, the dark green leaves will remain this way all year round. For this reason, they are often used as ground cover.

The best locations to grow Hellebores are in sites that are protected from extreme weather conditions, like frost and harsh sunlight. They work well when used to brighten up a shady spot in the garden and look spectacular when hidden among woodland.

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Another early riser in the spring flower category is the snowdrop. This flower is not afraid of winter in the least and certainly doesn't wait around for it to end.

It’s been known to push its flowers up through a thick blanket of snow, defying the odds of blooming at this time of year. When snowdrops are in ideal weather conditions, they will give off sweeping drifts of color.

Woodland gardens delight in the inclusion of snowdrops. An ideal climate for this spring flower is cool with a light amount of shade.

Snowdrops are typically small flowers that don't grow in height too much. This makes them perfect as an addition to a rock garden or bordering other flowers.

It’s recommended that you plant snowdrops in clusters of 25 bulbs, with approximately three inches of space between each one. Snowdrops do best in moist soil that’s protected from full sun.

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The last early spring flower on our list is a popular one that’s often commercially grown. This is because the daffodil is one of the simplest and most dependable flowers to grow.

Daffodils are an excellent choice if you're an amateur gardener who is looking for something that can naturally spread throughout your garden as it grows. While daffodils are typically white or yellow, there are many hybrids available as well.

Plant a high number of daffodils if you have a perennial garden. If you have a woodland style garden, we recommend growing a small number as they will spread happily by themselves.

Daffodils do well in either light shade or full sun. They also do well when planted underneath trees that will spread their leaves after the daffodils have bloomed.

The best thing about daffodils is that they require minimal maintenance.

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Once you've established your early spring garden, you can add a striking mid spring flower that will improve your garden with a splash of vivid color.

The grape hyacinth adds a breathtaking deep violet tone to your garden, a color that looks excellent beside plainer tones like those found in the daffodil.

The grape hyacinth is aptly named for the way its flowers are shaped – like grapes. They hang in clusters off the stem and will last through mid-spring as long as three weeks.

Unlike many other spring flowers, you don’t have to plant the grape hyacinth’s again for another round next spring. Their foliage will protect them through summer, autumn and winter, before they can enjoy another full bloom again.

It’s recommended that you grow grape hyacinth’s in partial shade or full sun. For dramatic effect, plant in clusters of 50 or more.

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  • ~~~Lily-of-the-Valley~~~(Perennial) (Zones 2-8)
  • "White" variety (Convallaria majalis)

Not only do lily-of-the-valley flowers look fantastic – they smell heavenly, too. They’re a great fragrant addition to your garden that can be dotted around other, brighter spring flowers.

Lily-of-the-valley spreads easily, forming a carpet like growth throughout your garden. Their upright stems arch out to hang each flower delicately to the side.

Bright red berries will appear after the flower has died, and their aesthetically pleasing leaves will last throughout summer.

This low maintenance flower loves shade and doesn't care too much about the soil conditions, making it easy to grow and look after. It's an excellent groundcover for woodland gardens and shady slopes.

One thing to note about the lily-of-the-valley is that it spreads like wildfire. This means that you should avoid placing it too close to your perennials or garden borders.

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The peony is the show pony of the spring garden, taking its time to bloom before wowing the crowd with its silky, bright petals.

The peony will open up to the size of a grapefruit, making them eye-catching in the middle of a garden. There are hundreds of different strains of this mid-spring flower to choose from, including bicolor and striped forms.

When the flowers have died, the foliage will keep throughout the rest of the year and looks great in the garden amongst other plants. The leaf will even adopt a burgundy tone as fall approaches.

Because peonies are long-living perennials once you plant them in your garden, you can enjoy them for the best part of a lifetime. They require minimal care, and there's no need to divide them as they grow.

Peonies look spectacular when used as a hedge along a fence or retaining wall.

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Spring tends to save the best for last when it comes to some flowers. Flowering onions put on a memorable show as they balance delicately on their slender stalks, emulating a dandelion.

Their lateness in bloom means that they bridge the gap between early spring flowers and perennials that won’t bloom until summer.

The subtle onion scent isn’t strong enough to be a bother, but it’s effective at warding off potential garden pests like rabbits and deer.

A significant feature of the flowering onion is that it doesn't take up too much space in the garden, because it stands tall. This means it can be planted among your other annuals and perennials without getting in the way.

For the best impact, try planting your flowering onions in groups of five or more. Flowering onions look fantastic when planted along garden beds or walkways.

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Spring goes out with a bang when it comes to the oriental poppy. These flowers stand out in a crowd with their bright, vivid colors, adding welcome bursts of color to any garden. They look great alongside perennial that are beginning to bloom at this time of the year.

Their thistle-like leaves provide an interesting contrast from the delicate petals. Once the flowers have faded, this flower leaves behind large seed pods which can be added to a flower arrangement.

It’s recommended that you plant oriental poppies where they will sit in full sun. Their foliage will yellow and die back shortly after the flower blooms, try planting them among perennials and other plants which can hide their garish roots.

The oriental poppy is a big fan of colder weather. In fact, they need a period of winter dormancy in order to thrive when late spring comes around.

While they need full sun, it’s not recommended that they’re planted in locations with high levels of humidity and summer heat.

Plant the oriental poppy in mid to late summer for late spring bloom.

Looking At Characteristics Of Spring Flowers

Mother Nature brings out the best in show when it comes to springtime.

Many spring flowers lie dormant throughout winter, waiting to show off when spring comes around. While some can’t wait to bloom, others bide their time, staying dormant for a few more weeks until spring is in full swing.

By planting a wide variety of spring flowers like the ones above, you can enjoy a vast and vibrant garden that will last the length of spring.

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